Mark Hamill has jokingly condemned Star Wars collectibles depicting Luke Skywalker's lost hand. Skywalker famously lost the appendage in The Empire Strikes Back when Darth Vader cut off his hand with his lightsaber shortly after revealing that he is Luke's father. Hamill later reappeared in Star Wars as an older Luke at the end of The Force Awakens and in Rian Johnson's controversial sequel The Last Jedi when Rey brings the blue lightsaber Luke lost along with his right hand in the original film.

Hamill is known for posting mischievous tweets, often regarding amusing Star Wars collectibles. He once revealed that his least favorite toy featuring his iconic Jedi character included a disemboweled Tauntaun complete with open belly so fans could recreate the scene when Han Solo rescues Luke from the Wampa cave on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. Hamill also mocked a fan-made action figure of Luke milking a Thala-Siren on Ahch-To, citing the scene from The Last Jedi as one of the weirdest moments in the franchise.

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In his latest joke via Twitter, Hamill called out the insensitive models that "commemorate a grievous bodily injury." His post included four images of merchandise featuring Luke's severed hand, including an official action figure containing only a small plastic appendage, the original cast of Hamill's hand used during filming, life-size replicas, and a cotton badge reading "Nothing Feels Good." Hamill demanded to know "what's wrong with these people?!!" who produce the merchandise, and urged followers to "Just say NO to #LukeDismembermentMerch."

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The merchandise in question is reminiscent of other morbid toys produced by fans, including non-pose-able figures of the charred skeletons of Luke's foster parents, Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, and a LEGO Alderaan playset consisting of brown bricks referencing the planet's destruction in A New Hope. Hamill also recently revealed that during the iconic scene in which Luke lost his hand the wind machines on set were so loud he couldn't hear Dave Prowse delivering his lines. Both Hamill and Prowse were dubbed, the latter by James Earl Jones, in post-production.

It's hardly surprising that fans want to add replicas of Luke's hand to their collection as it has been given a long history after it was removed from Luke's body. A comic entitled The Secret Tales of Luke's Hand was even released by Dark Horse Comics and revealed that the appendage came into Emperor Palpatine's possession in Darth Vader #11. The journey of the hand, and Luke's lightsaber, also became a crucial part of the narrative of the sequel trilogy of Star Wars films. While Hamill might be against it, fan interest in the lost hand continues.

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