Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins star, Henry Golding, shared a video depicting his training for an intense sword-fighting scene. Golding is a Malayasian actor best known for his roles in Crazy Rich Asians, A Simple Favor, and The Gentlemen. Recently, he landed the titular role in the upcoming G.I. Joe origin film Snake Eyes.

The G.I. Joe film series began in 2009 with the release of G. I. Joe: The Rise of The Cobra and was followed with its sequel G. I. Joe: Retaliation in 2013. After both films received poor critical reception, the franchise took a break. Now, G.I. Joe is being rebooted with Snake Eyes as it delves into the backstory of one of the most popular members of the G. I. Joe team. Snake Eyes was portrayed by Ray Park in the first two G. I. Joe films. However, a younger actor was necessary for his origin story, resulting in Golding being cast in the role. Golding's take on Snake Eyes will be very different from the previous films, as it will take place prior to his muteness and G. I. Joe team membership.

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Golding took to Instagram to share a video illustrating how he trained for a major Snake Eyes' sword-fighting scene. In the caption, Golding wrote, "Drill it till you're raw," and explained how the film utilized some of the best stunt performers in the world. Golding thanked the performers for their aid in teaching him and reminded viewers to hit the theaters on July 23rd for the Snake Eyes premiere. In the video, Golding can be seen re-enacting an intense fight as he vigorously swings his sword and takes down numerous other performers. Check out his video below:

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Golding's sword fighting skills are certainly impressive and illustrate the intense training he had to undergo to take on the role of Snake Eyes. Martial arts will figure heavily into the film as it follows Snake Eyes' training under the Japanese ninja clan, Arashikage. The martial arts talent on set, as Golding indicated, is impressive, featuring stuntman and Pencak Silat practitioner Iko Uwais as Hard Master, as well as Shaolin Kung Fu trainee Andrew Koji as Storm Shadow. Snake Eyes is expected to be heavy on Ninjutsu and other martial arts action. With its current talent and Golding's extensive training, the action may make Snake Eyes' backstory and Arashikage training very realistic.

Anticipation is high as Snake Eyes' premiere looms on the horizon. The film faced delays due to the coronavirus pandemic and will now release nearly two years after it was originally slated to premiere. Meanwhile, the G.I. Joe franchise has been on a hiatus since 2013, making this film very important in reviving it. How the film will fare remains to be seen, but for now, Golding's role as Snake Eyes is definitely attracting attention. The trailers and promotional images have consistently highlighted his martial arts skills and intensity, as does this new behind-the-scenes video. As Snake Eyes' premiere draws nearer, Golding's skill and dedication bode well for its reception.

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