Squirtle is having its own Spotlight Hour in the month of July within Pokemon Go. This guide will show players all the different ways they can prepare for this event. At the start of every trainer's journey, players are given the choice between 3 different Pokemon. The Fire, Grass, and Water-type starter of each region come along with its own strengths and weaknesses. Regardless, trainers choose their personal favorite and set out to be the very best trainer of that region. Pokemon Go is hosting Spotlight Hours for all 3 starter Pokemon of the Kanto region and Squirtle is the final one to close it out. This guide will show players how they can prepare for this upcoming event in Pokemon Go.

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Squirtle Spotlight Hour will take place from Tuesday, July 20th from 6 pm to 7 pm local time. During this hour, Squirtle will have its spawn rate drastically increased. Not only that, but players will earn double the amount of candy for transferring Pokemon during this time period. Each Spotlight Hour comes along with a different bonus that players will definitely want to take advantage of. This guide will show players everything they need to do to prepare for the Squirtle Spotlight Hour.

How To Prepare For Squirtle Spotlight Hour in Pokemon Go

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There are a few different ways for players to prepare for Squirtle Spotlight Hour. Here's how.

  • Hold Off on Transfering Pokemon: Players should mark which Pokemon they want to transfer before the event to know which ones they should transfer when it arrives. The game will be providing double the candy for transferring Pokemon.
  • Shiny Hunting: Shiny Squirtle is already available in the game. To increase your chances of finding one, keep on the move and interact with every Squirtle the player encounters. If it's not Shiny, run, and head over to the next one. This will save tons of time between encounters and will increase the player's chances of finding the Shiny.
  • Lure Modules and Incenses: For those players looking to stay indoors, these items will make it easier to encounter Squirtles.

Pokemon Go has tons of events planned for the month of July. Outside of Spotlight Hours and Community Day, players can look forward to Go Fest, a premium event happening in the game. This music festival will introduce players to the legendary Pokemon, Meloetta for the very first time. This is definitely an event that players will not want to miss.

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Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

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