Hugh Jackman seems to be teasing that he's joining the MCU as Wolverine. Jackman has become synonymous with the X-Men character after playing the mutant for nearly 20 years. Jackman has since retired from playing Wolverine, with his character dying at the end of 2017's Logan.

While Jackman's days as Wolverine seem to have come to an end, the X-Men franchise isn't going away anytime soon. After numerous delays, last year's New Mutants ended Fox's X-Men series on a low note. Kevin Feige confirmed at SDCC 2019 that the X-Men would eventually be introduced to the MCU, and Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool is the only character not being rebooted after Disney acquired 20th Century Fox.  For the past few years, there has been speculation on who would replace Jackman as Wolverine, but now it looks like Marvel might not need to hire a new actor.

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In Jackman's recent Instagram story, the actor seemingly teased that he may return as Wolverine. Two images involving Marvel appeared on his Instagram story, including a piece of fan art from Bosslogic and another of Jackman with Kevin Feige. Both of these images can be seen below, as well as his tribute to the late Richard Donner.

Hugh Jackman Wolverine art
Hugh Jackman Kevin Feige
Hugh Jackman Richard Donner

It should be noted that this is far from confirmation that Jackman is returning as Wolverine. However, it is odd that he would post Wolverine fan art yesterday and then post a picture of him with Feige today. Previously, Jackman said that if the X-Men were to be introduced in the MCU, he would continue playing Wolverine. When he made that comment back in 2017, it seemed unlikely that the X-Men would be involved in the MCU since the rights to the X-Men were still owned by Fox. Now that the mutants joining the MCU is a reality, Jackman's wish could come true if Disney wanted to hire him.

Even though Disney is rebooting the X-Men characters, Jackman's return shouldn't be ruled out. Fans comparing a new actor to Jackman will be inevitable if Disney decides to recast his character. Hiring Jackman would not only prevent potential backlash, but it would also be a safe bet for the House of Mouse since Jackman's portrayal of Wolverine has been well-received over the years. Marvel has even set themselves up with an easy way for Jackman to return with Loki introducing the concept of the multiverse and alternate timelines. On the other hand, Logan had a proper send-off in 2017, so it may be better to cast a fresh face. Disney is still years away from implementing the superhero team into the MCU, so it could be quite a while before the studio announces who will play Wolverine this time around.

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