It appears that a new One Piece video game is on the way, based on a trademark registered by Bandai Namco and Shueisha has been spotted online. One Piece is one of the most popular manga series of all time, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that it has received many video game adaptations over the years.

It helps that the premise of One Piece lends itself well to video games. One Piece follows a pirate named Monkey D. Luffy, as he travels from island to island with his crew, in search of the mythical treasure known as One Piece. It's easy to create new content for a One Piece video game, by just establishing that Luffy and his crew visited a new island between their established adventures. There are also plenty of One Piece video games that act as straight adaptations of the original story, as the battle manga format lends itself well to brawlers and fighting games.

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The license to make One Piece video games (as well as games based on all Weekly Shonen Jump properties) is held by Bandai Namco. A trademark has been licensed for a new One Piece video. According to the Shonen Jump News Twitter page, there is a report from Chizai Watch that a trademark for a game called One Piece Odyssey has been registered by Bandai Namco and Shueisha, which is the company that owns Weekly Shonen Jump and One Piece. 

There is currently nothing known about this possible game except for its name. Even the name isn't indicative of its content, as One Piece's story could match the word "odyssey" in a number of ways. One Piece is such a big franchise that it could be anything from a triple-A production open-world game, or a small, mobile game. It could go either way with a video game based on a popular anime.

The quality of the One Piece video games has varied, with the Pirate Warriors games producing some excellent musou-style experiences, while games like World Seeker were a boring slogOne Piece Odyssey can take any number of forms and it will be interesting to see what Bandai Namco's next move with the franchise is. One Piece doesn't appear to be ending any time soon, so it's unlikely that One Piece Odyssey will be the final video game journey that Luffy and the crew of the Thousand Sunny go on.

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Source: Shonen Jump News - Unofficial/Twitter

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